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Yarn Lover’s Desktop Calendar for February 2010

Yarn Lover’s Desktop Calendar for February 2010
Hope you like!

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A Scarf for Him

This scarf was designed to pull over my head so when I ride my scooter I don’t have to keep re-wraping the scarf around my neck to keep it in place. It fits nicely under my coat or jacket in cold weather. The scarf in the photo was designed as a men’s scarf. Guys love this! No dragging scarves. The scarf stays close to your neck to keep you warm.

Get the Right Angle Knit Scarf – Knitting Pattern Now!

Men especially seem to love this scarf design. Also, since the scarf is reversible you could begin and end the scarf using different colors, that way you can choose to face one side (color) out at a time. Also great to knit in your favorite team or college colors.

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Knitted Lace of Estonia

Book Review:
Knitted Lace of Estonia: 
Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions (Paperback)

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Froggie Drawstring Bag Crochet Pattern

Frog Drawstring Bag Crochet Pattern ~ Only $5.00

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