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Heraldic Charted Lion Drawstring Bag – Knitting Pattern

Knit a beautiful two-color drawstring bag featuring a Heraldic Charted Lion similar to Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Lion. Use any colors you like using worsted-weight yarn. The sample was made using Gryffindor colors.

Easy to follow instructions, including lining the bag with cotton fabric and original charted design included. Lion emblem repeats twice on opposite sides of the bag which is working on the round.

Get the Heraldic Charted Lion Drawstring Bag – Knitting Pattern Now.

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Knitting & Crochet Abbreviations

Knitting & Crochet Glossary & Abbreviations

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Easy to Knit ~ Right Angle Reversible Garter Stitch Scarf

Fun to make knit scarf in 5 sizes ~ Etsy $1.00

This scarf was designed to pull over my head like a cowl so when I ride my scooter I don’t have to keep re-wraping the scarf around my neck to keep it in place. It fits nicely under a coat or jacket in cold weather.

Men especially seem to love this scarf design. No dragging scarves. The scarf stays close to your neck to keep you warm.

Also, since the scarf is reversible you could begin and end the scarf using different colors, that way you can choose to face one side (color) out at a time. Great to knit in your favorite team or college colors.

Knit using any worsted weight yarn.
Get the Right Angle Reversible Garter Stitch Scarf – Knitting Pattern now.

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$1.00 ~ Frilled About Crochet Scarf

Frilled About Crochet Scarf – Crochet Pattern
Crochet this easy to make frilly cotton scarf. So much fun to make, you will want to make more than one.

Any Worsted Weight yarn!

The sample scarf in the photo was were made using:
Lily Sugar ‘n Cream #01712 Hot Green (Spring Green)

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Crochet a Carry Pouch for your iPhone

Crochet iPhone Carry Pouch
Pattern by ouidamac on Etsy ~ $1.50
iPhone Carry Pouch Crochet Pattern

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Knit a Scarf for Spring

Long & Lacey Ripple Lace Scarf Pattern
$2.00 at Etsy

The Fun, easy-to-make Long & Lacey Ripple Lace Scarf Pattern is so much fun to make, you’ll want to make several from the same pattern using different yarns.
Long and Lacey Ripple Lace Scarf - Knitting Pattern

This is a great knitted lace pattern for beginner to intermediate knitters.

The beautiful cotton-candy pink and buttery yellow colors of the sample scarf pictured super yummy. It uses only 2 skeins of Bernat Baby Jacquards (#06412 Berries and Cream) which is a self-striping Sport yarn.

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Yarn Lover’s Theme Desktops for April 2010

Yarn Lover’s Desktop Calendar for April 2010
Hope you like!

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